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Mena Von Fleisch ft. the Twins

I met Mena Von Fleisch a few years ago back when I was still in collage. Once these many years ago we got together in the studio for some fun shooting and learning for me. As time went on Mena, with her home base in Toronto, began traveling all around doing burlesque festivals. Upon the news of expected TWINS she quickly moved back home to Nova Scotia to prepare for the wonderful adventures of being a mommy!

However! Her troop in Toronto was preparing to do what they like to call “Naked Girls Reading” during a performance, and Mena wanting to participate wanted to get some new promo images for the show featuring her growing belly! You can imagine my shock when she asked me for a “fun, kind of rock n’ roll, burlesque style shoot, with books and a pregnant belly.” Somehow we managed to pull it off!

Without further adieu, Mena and the Twins


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  1. Reply Julie Taylor 10/10/28

    I love your work, but this may be the best ever! :)

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