Kerry Boudoir

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I met Kerry a few years ago over our love of tattoos. In the years since I’ve gotten to photograph her, her husband and beautiful daughter on several occasions. They are the most wonderful family and pets that are always a pleasure to be around. I have always looked up to Kerry as a person, and  who learned to love her body with her tattoos, even more so as she matured. She proceed to get work by some of the most amazing tattoo artists from all over. Kirt Silver, Josh Dobbs, and John Wayne are just to name a few.

I often approached Kerry with wanting to photograph her. After a few years of coaxing, Elle Munster and I nailed her down for her very own Boudoir shoot. Elle did a wonderful makeup job on Kerry! I loved this look. We also shot some images inspired by the lovely Louise Brooks. I was so honoured to have been able to photograph such a stunning woman who I admire.

HFX Tattoo Parlor

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A few weeks ago I got together with the team of artists at HFX Tattoo shop to come in for some portraits. With a new shop location, a new name, and website, these guys were in need of some portraits to put the faces to the amazing tattoos that walk out each day. Having been tattooed by a few of the 5 artists on staff, I was so happy to do some of my own artwork for them, even if the medium is quite different than they are used to!

This shop has a wonderful diversity of artists and clients, and each and every one of them can agree, that the atmosphere of HFX Tattoo makes it unique, and a joy to spend time in. You can really tell the team enjoys working with each other, and call themselves friends, not colleagues. I wish them all the best in their new location on Young St, Halifax. Keep being awesome!

Some of the oddities that can be found around the shop.

Megan by Window Light

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These images have been sitting patiently on my HD for too long now! So I bring you the lovely Megan with make-up stylings by the ever fabulous Elle Munster.

Serpentine Carnival

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It is always a real joy for me to work with visual artists, dancers, circus folk, and actors. Laura and Monique are two of my absolute favourite performers here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Co-Owners and operators of Serpentine Studios now on Spring Garden Rd, these two ladies bring a wonderful energy and large amounts of fun to our shoots together. We caught wind of a carnival and headed out for some new images in a fun and colourful atmosphere.
Although it was cold and filled with people, we managed to get some really amazing shots, with what seemed like a ghost town of a carnival! I am so pleased with the outcome of these images! Can’t wait for the next time ladies!

Special thanks to Cheryl for hanging out with us, and helping out with the lighting! Also! Check out their website and classes available through their dance studio!

Aleshia St Cyr round 2

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Here are a few samples of the second set of images with the lovely Aleshia St Cyr earlier this year. Looking forward to working with her again in the near future! Thanks to Sarah for the MUA skills!

Canine Photo Day 2014

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With the amazing success that we had with hosting Canine Photo Day last summer, it was no question we opened to the idea of hosting it again the following spring. With some samples from the year before, and the word getting around we had more room this year for pups portraits. There was also a nice mix of breeds big and small who came for picture day!

All of the proceeds raised from Canine Photo Day is in support of  Greyhound Pets Atlantic Canada

Jenna in the Townhouse

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Just as summer was starting to roll around, the lovely Jenna and I finally had a chance to work together. We were also lucky to have been able to shoot in this beautiful townhouse thanks to my friend Ocean!

Jenna is one of those models that I have seen up and coming in the local scene, so I was really excited when we were able to finally meet up and pump out this creative session. I’ve missed shooting in natural light so having so many big windows to my disposable I was overjoyed with the end results.

Aleshia St Cyr

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Had the opportunity to work with the stunning Aleshia St Cyr a little while back for a test shoot. Having seen her on IG for a little while, I was anxious to finally get together with her. She was so lovely to work with and I very much look forward to doing so again soon! Thanks to Sarah for the make-up!

Also! A couple of these images were just seeing in Missy/Ink Magazine, Special Edition Vol. 13 Available on Magcloud

Carrie Waverly Pt. 2

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Here are the second set of images from when Carrie came to visit me at the stunning Waverly Inn. These huge bay windows made such a stunning backdrop!  Carrie of course always being a wonderful subject!

Some of these images were also seen in the February 2014 edition of Xpressions Magazine!

Karen Pin Up

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Karen and I get together a few times a year to shoot some new concepts. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a pin up theme near Valentine’s Day with more pink than the brain can handle. So I said yes.

We had an awesome hair and make-up team with Cassandra Prince and Bailey Elliot, and even had Karen’s husband do the special task of fetching the rug. Also we have one of the first appearances of Babalon Leather‘s fashion harnesses (available to order now) ,and even a hand made paddle!