Peters / Fortune Wedding

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One of Ryan and I’s favourite things to do is to travel, even if it is only to one of our sister provinces that neither of us had set foot on in a very long time.  Ocean and Joel (who Ryan and I met when we photographed their friends wedding in Jamaica) asked us if we would be interested in heading up to PEI for a weekend to photograph their own wedding. Of course we couldn’t refuse, as not only would they make a stunning bride and groom, but we would be reunited with our Jamaican wedding party crew (many who stood in both weddings)

The wedding was stunning and everyone looked so amazing. We had so much fun spending the day with so many awesome people who had so many memories and stories with each other. We were welcomed in to the fun all three days there were events at Ocean’s father’s beautiful property! Not to mention all of the Harley enthusiasts in her family who also had their own stories to share!

After a beautiful waterfront ceremony, we all headed to the party bus and went on our photo adventure which lead us to some old stomping grounds for some of the wedding party. It seemed like everywhere we turned some hilarious moment was going on between friends all around us. It was back to the tent for the reception and after party to which we couldn’t help but stay and enjoy. Seldom do we have the energy after a long day of photographing, but the party raged on all the way back to our cottages for early morning pizzas and beer.

Thank you so much Ocean and Joel, as well as your lovely families for having us to your wedding. We really had an amazing time celebrating with you, and capturing your special moments from the day.



Sarah and Ryan

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I received a call from one of my oldest friends a little while back, asking if I was available to do some head shots for her boyfriend Ryan. When we got there and the sun was just about to head down for the night, Sarah asked if I would take some photos of the two of them together, as just like most people, one of those things we tend to neglect to do. I told her of course and snapped these off on the top of their building. After all, shooting couples is one of the things we love to do!


Smith / Wheeler Wedding

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The first wedding of the year is always exciting for Ryan and I. We come into the new wedding season with another year under our belts, ideas to try out, and skills learned from our wonderful previous clients. Having a photographer also as your bride ups the ante, but it also is humbling that they found someone they were pleased enough with to photograph their own wedding.

With only having done the engagement photos a mere 4 days before the wedding, Katie and Brandon had some fresh practice in front of the camera before the big day! They had been planning the wedding in their home province from Ontario so time was short but we got it done in time!

With one of the hottest days of the summer on us, and our A/C failing in our poor car, it made for some interesting travels between locations with ice packs being passed around! Thankfully, the Dingle Tower was open and we were able to go inside the stone structure and cool down before headed to the party. I have been fortunate enough to photograph inside the tower once before, on one of my very first weddings. It’s so nice to head back to these locations and revisit them with new skills and outlooks.

Congrats Katie and Brandon! Thank you so much for having us on your wedding day!

Abbey and Johnathan Engagement Session

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Christmas doesn’t just come once a year for couple Abbey and Johnathan. As owner and operator of a Christmas tree lot he spends 365 days a year thinking about the holidays! This summer though, Johnathan has one more day to celebrate, his wedding to Abbey.

I’ve known Abbey since she was a baby, our parents were members of the same vintage car club. Being able to be a further part of a wedding for someone you’ve known for so long is a real joy for me. You get a real sense of comfort working with people you are familiar with. Ryan and I headed out to visit them at their home in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, and check out a field of baby Christmas trees that is growing in their backyard. We also took advantage of the beautiful country landscapes during the late evening.

Looking forward to the wedding day!

Paula and Kevin Engagement

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Sometimes, you really do get rained out. Our original date to shoot Paula and Kevin falls upon some pretty heavy rains that no amount, of cute rubber boots or umbrellas, is gonna make it any fun. So we take the chance of it the following weekend. With the call of rain most of the week, poor Paula was doing her daily sun-dances that the sky stayed dry! I guess it worked as we had a lovely afternoon round 2.

Looking forward to the wedding guys!

Katie and Brandon Engagement

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As this former Nova Scotian couple Katie and Brandon remember, our unpredictable weather can take us from seasons to the next instantly. With hardly a spring to be had we had been hit with a hot and humid summer that has been long awaited!

The breezes were fortunately a welcome relief after a hearty walk through Point Pleasant Park. Even after a few locations being tied up, and a few wrong turns, we came out of the day with some really amazing photos! With planning your wedding when living provinces away, sometimes you just gotta “get er done” with only 4 days away from the big day!

Look forward to shooting your wedding in beautiful Historic Halifax!

Ocean and Joel Engagement

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We met Ocean and Joel on one of our destination weddings in sunny Jamaica. We instantly hit it off, and I was so thrilled when they asked us to shoot their upcoming wedding in September. With Joel working out of town often, we lucked out and snagged him for a photo shoot on the boardwalk where he and Ocean first were engaged.

People who live in this city all hold the downtown boardwalk close to their hearts from memories as kids, as couples on first dates, or as tourists in our own home. Ryan and myself were also engaged while aboard the HMS Bounty when she was docked here for Tall Ships. There is always something new to see, or old ones to play those nostalgic heartstrings that make Halifax home.

We’re very excited to shoot this wedding!

McLeod / Carrigan Wedding

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Shannon and Brandon’s wedding was one of those events that photographers dream to do. The overall feeling of happiness and excitement was felt throughout the entire day. These weddings leave a photographer with so many powerful images it is hard to narrow down your favourites.

One of the highlights for us was the opportunity to photograph the wedding parties at Citadel Hill. This star fortress in the centre of our city is beautiful in so many ways. Finding treasures like the school house, and the munitions room were especially memorable as they lead to some fun and unique photos.

The fleet club has been a regular wedding venue for us, but we never get tired of how lovely it makes our wedding receptions look. Although the Navy them runs strong, a few Disney characters made their way in to wish the happy couple a very special congratulations!


Huge congrats to you both, Shannon and Brandon, from the both of us! We had an amazing time capturing your special day!

Justin and Ravit Wedding

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Justin is probably one of my oldest and dearest friends. He was also the one who was responsible for introducing Ryan and I many years ago. It seems that they two are also very old friends!

As sad as it was to see Justin move to Montreal, it gave us an excuse to visit one of our favorite cities more often, and also gave him the opportunity to meet, and fall in love with Ravit. Rav is so sweet and so awesome and these two couldn’t be a happier or amazing couple. We fell in love with her right away and knew she was perfect for our friend. After a few trips up for concerts and touristy things, Ryan and I headed back up in March 2014 (oh yea, so they were all born in March, Justin and Rav on the same day!) to witness their wedding!

I had brought my camera along just for fun, and was so happy that we had a chance to take some photos of the happy couple a few hours before they formally tied the knot! Rav knew of this really cool graffiti corner that worked so well! I was thrilled to have been able to capture these images for them!

Huge congrats to you both! Love you guys, and our next visit won’t be so far away! <3

Gould / Steele Wedding

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With spending a large portion of our summers at weddings, it’s not surprising that now and again, we have to play double duty as photographers as well  party members. Ryan and Carrie had been friends since grade school, spending nearly every class together, and grew up on the same street in a small town in Cape Breton. He was very honoured to stand in for one of his oldest friends wedding.

Going home to Cape Breton is always a treat and it always has beautiful backdrops to shoot. It was extra special as they were married at the same place that Ryan and I were in 2009, and did all the images in their home town. You develop new appreciation for the scenery when you live so far away from it.

Congrats Carrie and John! Thanks for having us there for your special day!

Weddings are emotional experiences for all those involved, in many different ways. Not often do moments happen that I find myself unable to hold back tears. Carrie’s father who had been very ill, (Rip Harv) managed to spend most of the day AWOL to attend his daughters wedding. When it came time for his dance with his last daughter to be married, everyone stood up and circled around them for the remainder of the dance. It was just one of those silent understandings that was truly beautiful to behold, and even more rewarding to have captured in time.