Carrie Waverly Pt. 2

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Here are the second set of images from when Carrie came to visit me at the stunning Waverly Inn. These huge bay windows made such a stunning backdrop!  Carrie of course always being a wonderful subject!

Some of these images were also seen in the February 2014 edition of Xpressions Magazine!

Liz Boudoir

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Liz is another one of those models that I don’t think I will ever tire of photographing! She had just recently moved back to the city, and into a beautiful little apartment of her own that she was just dying to do photos in! We went for a classic boudoir feel for these. I am so pleased with how they turned out!! Missed my little red head! <3

Maggie Studio

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Getting into the studio, with a new model, and no plan whatsoever can be so much fun! You get to experiment with lighting and styles with no limits! Maggie and I have met several times over recent months, and talked about doing just that! Maggie is a stunning, up and coming model who was just a real treat to work with. I loved the feel of this set.

More to come!

Carrie Waverly

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Carrie is one of those ladies that I can photography over and over. She always gives it her all, and is such a sweet and fun person to work with. These were taken a while ago and sadly I am only just now getting them out for the world to see! These were taken at the Waverly Inn in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A beautiful victorian inn that has amazing decor and rooms.

Looking forward to working with this lady again in the near future!

The bottom image was featured in Missy/Ink Magazine.



Elizabeth Waverly Inn

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Elizabeth is always a real joy to photograph! She was one of the first ladies to be on board for my day of shooting at the Waverly Inn in Halifax. I always find far too many images of her that I like from our shoots, makes narrowing down the winners hard!

Ocean Boudoir

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Spending the whole day working as a photographer on a wedding, you get the opportunity to meet so many people. This goes a step further when on a destination wedding!

I got a chance to meet and spend a week in beautiful Jamaica with the lovely Ocean (yes that is her real name!) sunning ourselves on the beach and poolside, and spending almost every evening at the infinity bar. This lovely lady is a mother of two and sweet as pie. I was happy that we have been keeping in touch since we have been back, and I was so thrilled when she asked me about getting together for a boudoir session.

This was her first time in front of the camera and I hope it wont be the last. She is just so stunning and a real pleasure to work with.

Justine’s Debut

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Justine and I first met working on the same street for the past 3 years. My store being a local hang out and coffee shop for many of the bars and businesses in the downtown area you tend to see people on a daily basis.

We found out we have far too much in common! So when I started throwing around the idea of a day shoot she was one of the first on board to come in and play. I was pretty pleased with these as it was her first time in front of the camera!

Sylvia Boudoir

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Shooting boudoir, be it super glam or more simple, has become one of my favorite areas to work in. Having worked on both sides of the camera, the idea of stripping down, to various states of undress, can be really intimidating, and make you feel vulnerable. On the flip side, it can be really empowering and make you feel really good about yourself, as well as a huge ego boost. I always hope that the feeling and the end of the days shoot is the latter he he.

I met up with Sylvia a couple months back and we talked about doing some boudoir shots and we finally got a chance to meet up and shoot. The most amusing thing is not only how tall she is (especially next to my 5’1″ self) but how tiny her apt ceilings and doors are. It’s so cute! We couldn’t shoot standing up because the window light would cut her in half. I had a good laugh at that!

This set was also shot 100% natural light. I don’t often talk about my lighting, but the previous statement would explain.


Elle Munster

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Ok so I’ll admit that I have been REALLY bad at updating my site. This has been a very busy summer for Walker and I with traveling to NYC (which was awesome!) and working on top of that. Not to mention the AMAZING heat wave we got going on so lots of riding has been happening..

Anyway I am rambling on.

Little while back I got together with a fantastic group of girls and rented out a turn of the century hotel room where we spent a whole day shooting. It was fantastic! I had a really great team to work with and got some wonderful sets from the day. I am just finally getting some of these out. It took me a while but here is set one!

Of course the LOVELY Elle Munster.

Thanks to Amanda Tsistinas for the hair!

Helene Boudoir

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Helene has to be one of the funnest people I have met over the past few years. She is so chipper and easy going, and always a pleasure to be around.

When she asked me to shoot her and her fiancee’s wedding, I was more that excited, as well as when she asked me if I would do some boudoir images for her. Often times brides have little experience in front of a camera, let alone wearing their skivvies. Helene rocked this session. It made it very hard to narrow down the final images. Here are some samples of what we got!