Aleshia St Cyr

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Had the opportunity to work with the stunning Aleshia St Cyr a little while back for a test shoot. Having seen her on IG for a little while, I was anxious to finally get together with her. She was so lovely to work with and I very much look forward to doing so again soon! Thanks to Sarah for the make-up!

Also! A couple of these images were just seeing in Missy/Ink Magazine, Special Edition Vol. 13 Available on Magcloud

Carrie Waverly Pt. 2

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Here are the second set of images from when Carrie came to visit me at the stunning Waverly Inn. These huge bay windows made such a stunning backdrop!  Carrie of course always being a wonderful subject!

Some of these images were also seen in the February 2014 edition of Xpressions Magazine!

Carrie Sunset

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There is a little clearing not far from my house, that I always thought would be a great location to catch the sun coming down on a grassy field. One afternoon, my good friend Carrie and I wanted to get together for a shoot, and with a recent stint of submissions going out to magazines, I knew she would be perfect for this location. Carrie is one of those naturally stunning girls who charms all those around her. So the sunset, girl next door feel was just perfect! She also got to try out my Noctex garters that had come in a few days prior!

I love these images so much. I couldn’t wait to share them with you all!

Some of these images were also seen in the very last (US) print format of the popular Inked Girls Magazine.

Punk Rock Megan

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Ryan and I both know so many Megans (Megan, Megean, Meaghanne and eveything else) that we started giving them prefixes, My Megan, No-Prefix Megan ect… and Punk Rock Megan!

Megan and I got to chatting not long before she moved back to Nova Scotia from Quebec about getting together to shoot! Megan has such a strong face and great features I had to agree! We even had the amazing Elle Munster come in to doll this lady up with her killer MUA skills! It was a really great shoot, and I knew that we would be working together again someday!

Some of these images were seen in Missy/Ink Magazine, Special Edition Vol 4 

Elle Munster Pt. 2

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I had a whole other set of images with the lovely lady Elle Munster tucked away as a couple of the images were due in an upcoming issue of Missy/Ink Magazine! Now that the issue is on the stands I am pleased to show you the complete set!

Also! Since my last post, this image was featured in this months issue of Xalt Magazine! Super stoked to see this image in print!

Elle Munster is all you could ask for in a model. Talented in hair, Make-up, styling you name it. She is one of the most creative and inspiring individuals I get the pleasure of working with time and time again!

Elle Munster (Inked Girls)

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A beautiful blue haired beauty friend of mine, who also happens to be an incredible make-up artist, came into the studio to knock out some new images. It had been far too long for Ms. Elle Munster and I and I don’t think the day could have gone any better!

Elle is such a sweet girl with a great attitude, it isn’t hard to see why people love working with her, be it in modelling or make-up. She also has some truly amazing tattoo work by some of the best artists around. This girl sits like a tank!

Can’t wait to play again! Hopefully very soon!

Also! Some of these images got features on the Inked Girls website in their digital issue!



Lauren Starkiller

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              I had the lucky chance this spring to meet and work with the lovely Lauren Starkiller. It saddens me as we only had the once chance before she disappeared as fast as she appeared to Toronto. This girl is not only tiny and cute, but she’s nerdy and has a quirky sense of humor.
We had the always amazing Elle Munster grace us with her makeup godliness! I always know our models are going to look their very best when Elle is around!

I hope in the near future that Lauren will come back and visit us so we can work together again!

Since then, we’ve had the lucky change to have had images run in Missy/Ink Magazine as well as a feature and cover of Xpressions Magazine! Thanks guys for liking our work this much!

Elle Waverley part 2

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Here is the final set of images from my long day at the Waverley Inn a while back. Elle is always a real joy to work with. She always brings her 100% to anything she works on. I very much look forward to working with her again in the very near future!


Check it out! A couple of these images as well as one of the lovely Carrie were featured in March’s issue of Missy Ink Magazine! Head on over to MagCloud to oder your own copy today!