Sarah and Ryan

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I received a call from one of my oldest friends a little while back, asking if I was available to do some head shots for her boyfriend Ryan. When we got there and the sun was just about to head down for the night, Sarah asked if I would take some photos of the two of them together, as just like most people, one of those things we tend to neglect to do. I told her of course and snapped these off on the top of their building. After all, shooting couples is one of the things we love to do!


Haley’s Prom

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As tradition with her older sister, I was back again for my little cousin Haley’s prom day. Spent the afternoon getting her make-up on and then headed into town for some photos before she headed to the dance. With the last of the Vining kids off to university, it really reminds me of how fast everyone is growing.

Good luck in your adventures in studying to be an RN Haley!

HFX Tattoo Parlor

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A few weeks ago I got together with the team of artists at HFX Tattoo shop to come in for some portraits. With a new shop location, a new name, and website, these guys were in need of some portraits to put the faces to the amazing tattoos that walk out each day. Having been tattooed by a few of the 5 artists on staff, I was so happy to do some of my own artwork for them, even if the medium is quite different than they are used to!

This shop has a wonderful diversity of artists and clients, and each and every one of them can agree, that the atmosphere of HFX Tattoo makes it unique, and a joy to spend time in. You can really tell the team enjoys working with each other, and call themselves friends, not colleagues. I wish them all the best in their new location on Young St, Halifax. Keep being awesome!

Some of the oddities that can be found around the shop.

Canine Photo Day 2014

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With the amazing success that we had with hosting Canine Photo Day last summer, it was no question we opened to the idea of hosting it again the following spring. With some samples from the year before, and the word getting around we had more room this year for pups portraits. There was also a nice mix of breeds big and small who came for picture day!

All of the proceeds raised from Canine Photo Day is in support of  Greyhound Pets Atlantic Canada

Fire Fighter Training Exercise

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There are some opportunities that come up in photography, that may sound strange at first, but are usually way too cool to pass up!

I grew up in a Fire Fighting household. My dad, (who still currently works in the field) has been a fire fighter as long as I can remember. These jobs are not for the faint of heart, but do have their rewarding aspects. I have always wondered what I would be like to be on site of a fire and capturing images of these men and women who work hard, and put their lives at risk to save people, pets, homes and businesses.

I received a call from a fellow who was training with the Navy, and he mentioned that they are all required to take a basic fire training course, and some go on to higher levels of training through the DND. They were doing a training exercise with a helicopter and were doing a set of “Night Fires” that they wanted to have photographed. How could I say no! Ryan and I got to be fully geared (save helmets and breathing tanks thankfully) and be down by the pad as the chopper burned. What an experience! The sweat Ryan and I felt from that distance made me have more respect for those who are in the middle of the burns.

Thanks guys for the fun evening!

Here is a little behind the scenes shot Ryan captured of me shooting. We had full gear on and were safely away from the blaze, but the heat was really something else..

Canine Photo Day

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This summer I was finally able to host a fundraiser that I have been wanting to do since we first adopted our greyhound Onyx.

Onyx came from GPAC (Greyhound Pets Atlantic Canada) which is our local, non-profit organization for rehoming retired racing greyhounds. They are a wonderful group of volunteers and their head Jeanette is fantastic. She has re-homed over 3000 retired greyhounds from numerous reputable tracks from the US, and now is working with Scooby Medina in Spain bringing over some of the Spanish Galgos.

Greyhounds make amazing pets. They are friendly, gentle, lazy (oh yes, sleeping 20 hours a day lazy) and very compact despite some of their larger sizes. Seeing these dogs transition from racing machines to loveable couch potatoes is truly an amazing and very rewarding experience. I would easily recommend a greyhound to almost any type of household as these dogs come in many personalities.

I hosted Canine Photo Day, as a way to raise money, and contribute back to a wonderful group of volunteers, who spend day and night, feeding, caring, walking these animals, as well as raising awareness, and money towards a new kennel and medical supplies for future loads. They are always looking for shredded newspapers, PB, Marshmallows, Pepto, old toys, coats for winter, and dog walkers. I sent along 100% of the proceeds which amounted to $750. I couldn’t have been happier. These photos are just some of the thousands of these loved pets who have found their forever homes. As well as a few other furry friends.

I am very much looking forward to hosting this event again in the new year!

For those of you who are interested in the lighting set up I used, miss Quinn wasn’t ready to be finished with her modelling career so I had to catch this shot from the other side of the room where her brothers were patiently waiting to leave the scary flashing lights.

Janelle Fitness

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A few months ago, I got a chance to meet and work with Janelle, who is a National Figure competitor. We got to shoot together a few weeks out before she took 2nd place at the CBBF Nationals! She was so sweet and fun to work with, and it was a nice change working with someone who was just about the same height as me! Ha ha!

I hope to get to work with her again, and wish her all the best in future competitions!

Dave Busniess Shoot

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Going back to the basics is always a great refresher course, especially when you are always trying to bend the rules. Dave contacted me after seeing some shots I did for another client. He said he needed some new business head shots but wanted them to look “like those pics of Mike!) Hearing that you can build the same set over again is always exciting because you can jump right into it!

I like to take a bit of a different twist on business shots, make them a bit more interesting, and visually memorable as I know I am better at remembering faces than I am with names at times. I am also a big lover of GQ magazine and always enjoy their very crisp and clean background shots with suits. I guess I am taking the inspiration from there. Hope I did it, and Dave justice :)

Mike and Sarah Maternity

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Mike and Sarah made a trip down this spring from Kentville NS to Halifax for their maternity session with their first child. Mike and I very far back to when we were kids, and our parents were members of the same car club. We always were hosted by his family every fall for the antique car “pumpkin runs” as we called them.

We headed down for a walk in Point Pleasant Park to some beautiful battery remains and then headed out to the historic York Redoubt to photograph their session. We even ventured down into the old munitions storage bunkers with some beautiful light coming in the damp shelter.

I had a great time catching up and photographing these lovely parents to be! Can’t wait to meet the little one!


Ocean Boudoir

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Spending the whole day working as a photographer on a wedding, you get the opportunity to meet so many people. This goes a step further when on a destination wedding!

I got a chance to meet and spend a week in beautiful Jamaica with the lovely Ocean (yes that is her real name!) sunning ourselves on the beach and poolside, and spending almost every evening at the infinity bar. This lovely lady is a mother of two and sweet as pie. I was happy that we have been keeping in touch since we have been back, and I was so thrilled when she asked me about getting together for a boudoir session.

This was her first time in front of the camera and I hope it wont be the last. She is just so stunning and a real pleasure to work with.