Carrie Maternity

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I was overjoyed to hear the news that my good friends Carrie and Mike were expecting a sibling for Dali. She came over one evening just as the sun was going down for some baby bump photos!

Our summer evenings have been so nice this year. Feels really good to take advantage of them in photos!

Looking forward to meeting the little one Carrie! Love you guys!

Mel Maternity

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I have never met anyone who was able to keep something, like an ENTIRE pregnancy, off of facebook until little Jackson was born. Mel and I met through mutual friends and we got together on a warm spring day to head to the lake for some nature-esque maternity photos. She brought along the most amazing long purple silk scarf that was so fun to wrap around her. I really enjoyed this session. It’s always nice to be able to step into new styles.

Congrats Mal and Squirrely! I can’t wait to meet the little man!

Mike and Sarah Maternity

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Mike and Sarah made a trip down this spring from Kentville NS to Halifax for their maternity session with their first child. Mike and I very far back to when we were kids, and our parents were members of the same car club. We always were hosted by his family every fall for the antique car “pumpkin runs” as we called them.

We headed down for a walk in Point Pleasant Park to some beautiful battery remains and then headed out to the historic York Redoubt to photograph their session. We even ventured down into the old munitions storage bunkers with some beautiful light coming in the damp shelter.

I had a great time catching up and photographing these lovely parents to be! Can’t wait to meet the little one!


Mommy Bobby

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Once again the past has come back to me! Bobby-Jo and I went to school together, from early grade school all the way through Sir John A. MacDonald.

We got together on a lucky warm winter day for a maternity session, in downtown Halifax, where both of us have worked for many years. She even brought along a new back of bubble gum! For anyone who knows Bobby-Jo she is a big fan of bubble gum! I had a lot of fun catching up on this shoot!

Congrats Bobby on your little boy Finlay! 

Michelle Maternity

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One great thing that I love about the biker community, is that you get to meet and ride with so many new and cool people. I met Craig and Michelle last year on a group ride through a mutual friend of ours. We’ve kept in touch and when I heard the news that a little baby Walker was on the way I was first to jump at the chance to shoot their maternity session.

They threw the idea to me about shooting in the family businesses hayloft. This was a really fun and cool location. The natural light was just beautiful and we lucked out and got a really clear day! I even got to hold on to a full grown duck a couple times! I was really pleased with how the images came out. Michelle looks so amazing (and only a couple weeks away) from bringing Lily into the world. I wish ya all the best Shell (and you too Craig!) and I can’t wait to meet her!





Mena Maternity Round 2

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Mener Mener Pumpkin Wiener. I just love being around this girl! She is always a joy no matter what is going on!

Mena called me up to come over for some more photos of her ever growing belly of twins! This time it was a little tricky, with some complications, she was unable to stand or move around much so this made for a bit of a challenge! But we managed to pull off some great shots in her favorite place (her mothers bed) and with her #1 man, Blasko. (not Bosco, or Blackso)

You can bet that we have an amazing series of images in the planning for when the babies arrive 😀

Ps. Blasko and *insert our greyhound name here* are going to have to have a play date!! <3

Mena Von Fleisch ft. the Twins

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I met Mena Von Fleisch a few years ago back when I was still in collage. Once these many years ago we got together in the studio for some fun shooting and learning for me. As time went on Mena, with her home base in Toronto, began traveling all around doing burlesque festivals. Upon the news of expected TWINS she quickly moved back home to Nova Scotia to prepare for the wonderful adventures of being a mommy!

However! Her troop in Toronto was preparing to do what they like to call “Naked Girls Reading” during a performance, and Mena wanting to participate wanted to get some new promo images for the show featuring her growing belly! You can imagine my shock when she asked me for a “fun, kind of rock n’ roll, burlesque style shoot, with books and a pregnant belly.” Somehow we managed to pull it off!

Without further adieu, Mena and the Twins