Serpentine Carnival

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It is always a real joy for me to work with visual artists, dancers, circus folk, and actors. Laura and Monique are two of my absolute favourite performers here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Co-Owners and operators of Serpentine Studios now on Spring Garden Rd, these two ladies bring a wonderful energy and large amounts of fun to our shoots together. We caught wind of a carnival and headed out for some new images in a fun and colourful atmosphere.
Although it was cold and filled with people, we managed to get some really amazing shots, with what seemed like a ghost town of a carnival! I am so pleased with the outcome of these images! Can’t wait for the next time ladies!

Special thanks to Cheryl for hanging out with us, and helping out with the lighting! Also! Check out their website and classes available through their dance studio!

Melissa Fitness

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I love working with newbies in front of the camera. They find out part way through what works best for them and it’s almost like an “Oh! Thissss is how you pose!” moment! They find their “face.” Melissa certainly found hers!

Melissa was competing for the first time the day before these photos! She looked so fantastic and I am thrilled with how these came out! She took 4th place!

I was also pretty stoked when I threw some orange and blue gels in there. It was a new combination for me but I love the outcome! These are some of my favourite fitness photos to date!

Sarah Bikini Fitness

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Sarah is always a real treat to work with. This girl really knows her body and her strengths and it shows in the images. These were takin last year as she was getting closer to competing. Even though technology hated me that afternoon, I was happy with how these turned out.

Laura’s Belly

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I had the opportunity to work again, with the lovely Laura Selenzi a few months ago. Laura is not only one of the co-owners and instructors at Serpentine Studios, she also performs almost weekly for Cafe Istanbul, as well as performs at weddings and special events with her partner Monique Ryan.

I have had the pleasure of watching Laura dance at several events and she always wows the crowd! Specializing in Egyptian and Middle Eastern dance, she also performs Modern and Tribal fusion style belly dances.

These photos were taken in the lounge of Serpentine Studios, located on Barrington st, Halifax. You can take belly, circus fit, hoop burlesque and other classes there!

Janelle Fitness

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A few months ago, I got a chance to meet and work with Janelle, who is a National Figure competitor. We got to shoot together a few weeks out before she took 2nd place at the CBBF Nationals! She was so sweet and fun to work with, and it was a nice change working with someone who was just about the same height as me! Ha ha!

I hope to get to work with her again, and wish her all the best in future competitions!

Niki Fitness

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Niki was one of those girls I met many years, back, and always had the dream to get a chance to shoot with. I finally got my chance this past March, just before she competed for the first time in the NSABBA Fitness Competition. I truly admire this lady’s dedication to training, and diet (so many beerless months..) to getting into the most amazing shape I have ever seen! She even showed me a pair of jeans that she used to wear!

I very much look forward to shooting with Niki again when her and her now fiance return from an epic month long adventure in Europe! Congrats girl!



And here is a little Behind The Scenes action!!

Matt Ryan

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When people think of male models in Halifax, one of the first names to pop into anyone’s head is Matt Ryan. Matt has been actively involved in the modeling and the fitness community for a very long time.

This was the first time I got a chance to meet and work with Matt, and he was utterly fantastic. With numerous fitness competitions coming up, this was a good practice run for him and also a good change for me working with a male model! I feel like we got some truly awesome work out images!

Big shout out goes to Clinch gym and to Ryan of Manimal Athletic Training for allowing us to come in and wreck the place!

Sandrella Fitness

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Sandrella and I met a few years ago when she was pregnant with her first child Jasmine. Since motherhood Sandrella had be anxious to get back into training and competing in women’s fitness.

I was thrilled to photograph her again she is a really fun and energetic lady! She looked fantastic and was a real joy to work with.

These are just some of the images we got that day!


Sarah in the Gym

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Sarah and I met and worked briefly together back in 2007 for a hair competition. We had talked over the years about getting together and doing a shoot, but time was not in our favor it seems!

Sarah has been training like a mad woman for the past little while, and is entering in a few fitness competition in the coming weeks. She got a hold of me to get into the gym for a “mid fit” session, so she would have photos of her progress. Hard to believe she is only halfway in these photos with a body like that!

I have to say, this was a GREAT photo shoot for me, as I had never gotten a real chance to shoot fitness, let alone getting to have the run of the gym with lights and gear everywhere! I really feel these images came out so well (for a first timer!) and hope that this isn’t the last time that I get a chance to work in this genre.. OR with the lovely Sarah!

Big Thanks to Fitness FX for letting us take over!