Niki Black Moor

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I had a few hidden gems from my shoot with the stunningly beautiful Niki Rose (who I’m hoping to get together with to take advantage of posing her with her stunningly amazing refinished furniture, Oliver Treasures!) Also, she took 4th place last year just weeks after these photos at NSABBA (congrats girl!)

These were some of my favorite images we captured, and it was fun too, as she was rocking a crop top of Nova Scotia’s own heavy metal band, Black Moor! I hear rumor she’s getting hitched to their frontman 😉

Ashley’s Prom aka “Griff” and “Gert”

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It’s always a great pleasure to be apart of special days in peoples lives. My good friends Kerry and Ian had asked me if I would be the photographer for their daughter Ashley’s prom. Of course the answer was yes!

Ashley is a sweet girl. She is of few words but was so fun to get to hang out with for the afternoon. Even if we were getting funny looks from garage owners and cars and bikes along the Waverly rd.

So a huge congrats to “Griff” and “Gert” for graduating! Hope you guys had a wicked prom!

The Candy Show

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Last year I had the privilage to get to work on my very first television set. I was doing still photography for a good friend’s new show called “The Candy Show” I was so excited and nervous for this chance to work in a new enviroment. I have to say, all those nerves were for nothing, as I had the most wonderful experience working with a fantastic cast and crew.

Candy is a wonderful person, she is so sweet and so kind and giving, that being apart of numerous of her life endeavors has been a real joy. I was so happy they had called me back to work on Season 2 that we begin production this week.

Below (follow the link) You can see the full post where you can see samples of the guests on the show from last year :)

Chick Here for the full post from THE CANDY SHOW

A new year

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Hello everyone! Welcome to 2011! I am so excited to have been contacted and been able to work with so many of you wonderful people.

Since I am always getting to know so many people and being a new year I thought I should share a little bit about myself! A friend of mine puts up facts every week, but alas I don’t think there is that much for me to share so Once and a While should be enough! Here’s ten random facts about the photographer :)

1: I’m short. Like, really short. It’s often the first thing people realize about me when they meet me for the first time. They figure because I’ve modeled that I am tall but nope! 5 Squat!

2: My bike has become my life. My biggest dream was to own and ride a motorcycle, as long as I can remember. In 2010 I accomplished this dream and even though it took a few months to realize it, it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

3: I love dressing up. Costumes make my world go round. Give me an opportunity and I will try and go all out.

4: I have always been a greaser at heart. I love cars and bikes and have always wanted to be able to build and fix one. However I am completely engine illiterate.

5: I can bake like a mo fo. I love baking it is seriously unhealthy.

6: I don’t consider myself girly. I often think and act more like a guy.. but i do have my moments. BOOOTS

7: I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was 12 or 13. It’s really funny when people figure it out for the first time. It’s shocking to them.

8: I also have an unhealthy addiction to hot chocolate. We’ve gone through 6 canisters since December.

9: Meeting me for the first time is usually hilarious for the other person because I can be so goofy especially when I am nervous. I usually have a hard time meeting people out on a whim because I never know what to say, and what does come out is usually embarrassing to me. Most people just find it entertaining. C’est la Vie.

10:  And finally, I just realized how badly I need a shower. Peace!

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Just a quick hello and update for everyone!

Christmas is quickly coming upon us.. and with that a lot of people while families are together try and get photos done. With the tease of snow in the air, I am so excited to do some outside family sessions in some fresh powder!

That being said, if you are wishing to book a session with Kelly Lynn Martell Photography , and want photos on CD before Christmas.. DEC 15th is the cut off. After that I will not guarantee that images will be completed on on CD before Christmas. If you still want to shoot and don’t want to worry about the CD then I am still available after that date for sessions.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful year and I cannot wait until the next one!!

Atlantic Nationals

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It’s been a while since I have done an auto post!

These were from the 2010 Atlantic Nationals in Moncton. The overcast was great for getting some amazing colours from the paint work on all these lovely cars! So many to see, so little time to see them all!